International Scholars Convene at Eide Research Library-Group translating epic 2500-year history of ancient China into English 

Fifteen scholars from China, Europe and the U.S. met at the Elling O. Eide Research Library in early November to continue working on the first complete English translation, in nine volumes, of the Shiji 史記, or The Grand Scribes Records, one of the most important narratives of traditional China.

William H. Nienhauser, Jr., Halls-Bascom, professor of Classical Chinese literature at the University of Wisconsin, led the translation workshop. The scholars worked on the final chapters of Volume 7 over a four-day period.
The project is an ongoing translation of Sima Qian’s monumental history of ancient China and the world. The original was finished around 94 BCE, covers a 2500-year period, and is widely acknowledged as the most important historical work in early Chinese history.

“These scholars are providing an invaluable contribution to making early Chinese history accessible to English-speaking audiences,” said Harold Mitchell, President of the Elling O. Eide Foundation.  “The group’s work is exactly what my cousin Elling Eide envisioned for the Center.”