Reading Workshop on Tang Literature: Fu Poetry

The Elling Eide Research Library & Preserve in Sarasota was privileged to host a Classical Chinese translation workshop entitled, “Reading Workshop on Tang Literature: Fu Poetry’ on February 26–March 1, 2020. From A Student’s Dictionary of Classical and Medieval Chinese, by Paul W. Kroll the workshop’s creator, a fu is “A particular genre of verse, one of the major forms from Han through Tang times (the other being shi), characteristics include lines of unequal length, difficult language, extensive synonymy, exhaustive description, ranging from long “display” pieces to shorter lyrical compositions.”

The participants were Luke Bender, Yale University, Paul Kroll, University of Colorado Boulder, Nichimin Lu, Harvard University, Xiaojing Miao, University of Colorado Boulder, Jia Qian, Stanford University, Tian Xiaofei, Harvard University; Dominic Tuscano, Harvard University; and Ding Xiang Warner, Cornell University, along with Cynthia Chennault, Elling Eide Foundation board member.

The group of professors and graduate students convened for three days of translation and interpretation at the Elling Eide Center.