Sumi-e 30th Anniversary

January 13, 2020- Monday

Sumi-e Sarasota Chinese New Year and 30th  Anniversary Celebration

Elling O. Eide Library and Preserve  

Tai Chi on the terrace– Nancy Dellamura


Introduction of Japanese Creative Arts –  

Furoshiki (fabric wrapping) and Hana Tsutsumi (flower wrapping)

Lorelei Michaels 

Ikebana and Haiku

Marcy Chapman 

Painting demo of calligraphy on Shikishi boards, New Year Greetings  

Keiko Romerstein 

Paintings by Sumi-e members:

Some of the members enjoying the demonstrations:

Lovely table arrangements:

Themed refreshments by Morton’s Market:


And a beautiful celebratory cake:

Congratulations Sumi-e Sarasota!